Monday, October 5, 2015

Finally a new C/AL editor in NAV 2016 with Intellisense


Today NAV 2016 was released and one of the technical improvement/feature in this version is the new C/AL editor with intellisense, this is really a exciting feature. Though this editor is not an advanced version like visual studio editor but it is definitely a great improvement and start over the old C/AL editor.

Intellisense really makes easy to access all the fields, system functions, local functions of the variable/record. It will save so much time and typos.


If you declare a variable of record, for ex: I declared a customer variable of subtype Customer table. When I click on the customer variable it will show a small window with all the fields in the customer table with name type and Length. This is very useful when you want to know the type of the field and length of the field in a table.


NAV 2016 has so many exciting features and I am pretty sure you will see lot of blogs about those feature in next coming days.