Monday, October 19, 2015

Empty Rows/Columns on the Navision Report when printed to Excel


I was asked recently to create a  custom sales report which salespersons wants to output the data into excel, since RTC reports have the option to save as excel, I created a simple report with row header and values, so that users can run this report and use Print Save as Excel option, but when the report is saved as excel it created empty rows and columns.

Below is the example of the excel when the report is saved as excel


In my report design the tablix does not have any hidden rows or any other header rows, so I was started checking how those empty rows are created and can be avoided

This is the screenshot of my report design, as you can see there are only two rows, one is the header and other is the detail.


After spending an hour or so, I realized that space is not because of the tablix, but rather the space above the tablix and on the sides, once I removed all the space and made sure there is no space as shown below, the issue was fixed.


Below is the screenshot of the excel after the change


If you encounter these kind of issue, just don’t concentrate on the tablix on the report, do check the space around it . When the report is exported to excel it takes the whole report into consideration, so try to avoid blank spaces if you know the report will be used as excel.

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