Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cannot import the data because the table with the ID ….

Few weeks ago, I was trying to import a company from a Test database to Development database. I have exported the data from the test database using the Export to Data File option which creates a .navdata file and if the both databases have the same schema you can import that file into another database.

You can read more about How to Export/Import Data from the below link

In my case, both databases have the same schema, but when I try to use the Import Data, I got the below error
Cannot import the data because the table with the ID 27 in the specified file has different fields or key definitions than the application database. Make sure that you are importing data into the same application as it was exported from

I have check the Table 27 in both databases and they have the same schema, but I still get the same error. I have compiled the objects, and restarted the NAV Service just to confirm the schema is in sync but that did not resolve the issue.

The issue was I have a extension (“Sales and Inventory Forecast”) installed in Test Database but not in the other database, so I have uninstalled the extension from the Test database and re-exported the data. This time the import ran without any error.

So, when you use Export/Import Data option, make sure you check the same extensions are installed in both the databases.


ivomol said...

If extension is uninstalled before export: are data from this extension exported from source database to navdata file?
If yes: are extension data imported to target database although extension is there not installed?

Suresh Kulla said...

When an extension is uninstalled the data is not exported to the navdata file.