Friday, January 4, 2019

Print Send To Excel do not export all columns

Few weeks ago, I ran into a strange issue and in this blog I will discuss the issue and the solution which worked for me.

I got a requirement to add the salesperson code and sell-to customer name to the salesline page, since those fields are not part of the salesline table, I have added the code on the salesline list page to retrieve the salesheader record and display those values on the page.

Everything worked well, but when we try to use the Print –> Send to Excel option those custom fields are not available on the excel.  Couple of users were able to get those fields on the excel but not all the users.

Initially I thought it could be a permission issue on the sales header table but that was not the case, even user with SUPER permission has the same issue. We have checked if the excel version is different between those users but that’s not the case, everybody is running the same version.  I have searched the Cumulative updates if there is bug or fix for that kind of error but unfortunately I have not found anything related.

I have found a standard page which uses the similar kind of logic, the page is “Customer Order Lines Status” with ID 10010 which uses the same kind logic which it displays the status from the salesheader table and I have ran into same issue with that page, all fields were exported except the salesheader fields.

Finally, I saw one difference between the users who are able to export all the fields and other, and that is the DynamicsNAV menu on the Excel, The users who have the DynamicsNAV menu are not able to export all the fields, so I went ahead and disabled the DynamicsNAV Add-on.

Voila, that resolved the issue.  I have not uninstalled just disabled it, if you uninstall nothing will export.  I am not sure what is the reason but that resolved my issue.

Here are the steps to disable the add-on

1. Open Excel, Go To File –> Options

2. Select Add-Ins and in the bottom select the Go beside Mange Add-ons

3. Uncheck the box for the Dynamics NAV and Click Ok


I hope this will help others who run into the same issue.

Please leave your comments/suggestions.