Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Weird Internal Server Error on Publishing Extension

I am working on a AL project which is on NAV 2018, and I have run into the below error several times now


This happens when I publish my extension from VS Code using F5, the packing is created successfully but it fails to publish with the above error message, sometimes the error message is very vague like Internal Error occured…..

I am not sure if it has to do with this specific version of cumulative update or NAV 2018, but below are the steps I took to resolve the issue

  • 1.  If you have a web client/Win client open or even powershell command prompt from the container then close all of those and try again.  This trick did work sometimes but not always.
  • 2.  Restart the docker container using VS Code Docker Extension or using command prompt
  •      docker restart <containerid>

I believe running Sync-NAVTenant may resolve it but I could not launch the powershell, it just closes abruptly and nothing in the docker logs about the error message





Ryan said...

Nasty error, thanks for the description

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Tasmin said...

Helpful steps