Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to resolve “Divide By Zero” Error in Navision RTC Report


One of the common error in RTC reports is #Error and there are many reasons for #Error in RTC report, but in this post I want to discuss one of the scenarios i.e. "Divide By Zero" exception.

If you have an expression which results Divide By Zero Exception then the result you see is #Error, and normally to avoid this you can write an IIF statement in expression.

For Example:

To display the value as zero if the denominator is zero then I would write something like this



In the above expression, I am doing a quick check to see if Sum(Fields!LineAmt.Value) is zero, then I want to display Zero otherwise I evaluate my expression, it is pretty simple. But here is the problem the reporting processing engine will still evaluate FALSE part, in this case Sum(Fields!NetGP.Value)/Sum(Fields!LineAmt.Value) and the result will be #Error even if Sum(Fields!LineAmt.Value) is Zero.

There are two possible solutions in this case to resolve the error:

1st Option:


=IIF(Sum(Fields!LineAmt.Value)=0, 0,Sum(Fields!NetGP.Value)/iif(Sum(Fields!LineAmt.Value)=0,1,Sum(Fields!LineAmt.Value)))


2nd Option:

VB Function

Public Shared Function DivideByZero(ByVal Numerator As Decimal, ByVal Denominator As Decimal) As Decimal

   If Denominator = 0 Then
     Return 0
   End If
   Return (Numerator / Denominator)
End Function


and use the following expression



Personally I prefer the VB function because it is neat and can be used in multiple places.

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