Monday, October 12, 2015

Cumulative Update 24 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 has been released (Build 42950)

This Cumulative Update 24 includes hotfixes and regulatory features released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, including hotfixes and regulatory features released in previous Cumulative Updates.

The cumulative update includes hotfixes that apply to all countries and hotfixes specific to the following local versions:
  • AU - Australia
  • AT - Austria
  • BE - Belgium
  • CH - Switzerland
  • DE - Germany
  • DK - Denmark
  • ES - Spain
  • FI - Finland
  • FR - France
  • IS - Iceland
  • IT - Italy
  • NA - North America
  • NL - Netherlands
  • NO - Norway
  • NZ - New Zealand
  • SE - Sweden
  • UK - United Kingdom
Where to download this Cumulative Update
You can download the cumulative update from KB 3097766 - Cumulative Update 24 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 (Build 42950).
Problems that are resolved in this cumulative update

Platform Hotfixes
Note You may have to compile the objects in your database after you apply this hotfix.
ID Title
375818 When personalization data is serialized, the SaveValuesSerializer is saved as OptionCaption, which is language-dependent. It must save as OptionString, which is language-agnostic.
375707 Connection cannot be resumed after the client has timed out.

Application hotfixes

ID Title Functional area Changed objects
375668 When you run the Update Job Item Cost report with the Automatic Update Job Item Cost set to Yes on the Job Setup page, not all adjust cost item entries of incomplete jobs are checked. Costing COD 5895
375365 In some scenarios, the Order Date function on the Number Series page does not work. Finance COD 6620
375730 "The Location does not exist. Identification fields and values code" error message when you change the Transfer-to Code value in a transfer order which has a line with blank item number. Inventory TAB 5740 TAB 5741
375842 A standard-cost item is received when a purchase return is applied and shipped, and the purchase return is changed from Undone to Lost Recognition of Variance. Inventory COD 5814 COD 5895
375984 The Selection report is missing for assembly documents. Inventory PAG 5754
375688 "The length of the string is 101, but it must be less than or equal to 100 characters" error message when you filter the Item Ledger Entry Page on the Document Type field by selecting several values. Inventory PAG 38
375795 When you run the Item Age Composition Qty report with a location filter, it shows totals including all locations regardless of the selected location filter. Inventory REP 5807
375866 After you post a purchase invoice that is linked to a job, the already scheduled cost and price are changed. Jobs COD 1026 TAB 1003
375691 "Attempted to divide by zero." error message when you post a job journal line. Jobs COD 1012
376000 Assembly order resource time does not show as allocated time on the Resource Availability page. Jobs PAG 361
375749 You are allowed to save a routing line to a production order without a routing number. Manufacturing TAB 5409
375674 The Description field is not updated in accordance to the vendor language code and corresponding translation codes for the item on a purchase order line that is created by the Order Planning function. Purchase TAB 246
375970 The line discount amount shows incorrect amount in sales and purchase credit memos that use the Copy Document or the Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse functions. Sales COD 6620
375851 The Grace Period field is not used as expected when you use the Create Reminders function. Sales COD 392
375871 If you create a reminder for a customer with a language code, the Open Entries Not Due text is always displayed in the English language if the client language is set to English. Sales COD 392
375877 The Line Amount Excl. VAT and Unit Price Excl. VAT columns are not validated in the service invoice when a new service contract line is added. Service COD 5940 COD 5944
375878 The service invoice does not contain all related lines when you add a service contract line and create the related service invoice. Service COD 5940 COD 5944
375949 The Amount per Period field is not validated on the service contract header when you insert a new service contract line. Service COD 5940 COD 5944
375782 An additional warehouse movement line of action type Place is created with zero quantity when you use the Change Unit of Measure function on movement lines. Warehouse PAG 7316
375994 In Dynamics NAV 2013 and later versions, ADCS returns a communication error that pushes the real error off the screen. Warehouse COD 7702

How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 cumulative update
See how to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 cumulative update ( )