Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dynamics NAV Compatibility on Windows 10

Windows 10 free upgrade will end on July 29, 2016 and most people may be still wondering if they upgrade, will NAV system be compatible with windows 10 or not. NAV Team officially announced the compatibility for the 2013, 2013 R2 , 2015 and 2016 for a specific version. Below are the details :

Dynamics NAV 2016 is compatible with Windows 10 on release.

NAV 2015 is compatible with CU12

NAV 2013 is compatible with CU32

NAV 2013 R2 is compatible with CU 24

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Alexander Ermakov said...

Still, this will be good to mention about compatibility of different Windows 10 editions, in particular, if it is compatible with Windows 10 Home edition and what are the limitations

Suresh Kulla said...

Totally agree, but they have not provided that information but based upon their compatibility with previous version OS I think it will work fine on Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Tech Solitic said...

your dns server might be unavailable windows 7 issue resolved here.

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Maurice J. Barraza said...

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Maurice J. Barraza said...
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