Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Paste Rows option is missing on RTC Pages

One of the feature on the Navision RTC page is ability to copy rows and paste to excel and also copy rows from excel and paste into the page, mostly this option is heavily used on the worksheet pages i.e. Journal pages.image

But recently i have noticed this option is missing  on most of the pages, that is due to a bug/ or change made by Microsoft in the recent Cumulative Updates. The reason why this option does not appear on the page is because of the property PasteIsValid  on the associated source table is set to NO. The default value of this property is yes  but for some tables in the recent builds it is set to No.

So in order to have the option Paste Rows you need to set the PasteIsValid property on the table to yes.


For example if the option is missing on the General Journal Page, then you need to set that property on the Gen. Journal Line (Table 81).

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is an intentional change made by Microsoft so I suspect there is a reason for doing this. I think it maybe to do with shortcut dimensions (3-8) as I don't think these work when using the copy/paste rows so Microsoft probably decided to disable the functionality rather than have something that didn't work as expected (from the users point of view).


Suresh Kulla said...


Thank you for your feedback, we have asked this Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support and they mentioned it is a Windows client bug and was fixed in the latest builds. I need to check if they really did fix this or not.


Unknown said...

It's not work on Production Order Line..Plz suggest if any other solution...

Unknown said...

sir resent 2013 version option where there