Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to Enable/Disable Inventory Warning Message


Most of us must have seen the below message box when entering quantity for an item on the sales order, the system shows this Check Availability box if the item does not have enough quantity entered on the order, it is good information but sometimes it is annoying, so how can we disable this


You can disable this per item or for all items by using the following two ways

1. You can disable this per item by setting the field “Stockout Warning” on the Item card to No


2. You can disable this for all items using the field “Stockout Warning” on the Sales & Receivable Setup, you need to set it to false to disable.


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Anonymous said...

When we put a part on an order and don’t have any in stock but there is a quantity on an unreceived purchase order NAV does not give a warning saying we are out of stock. Can we change this to give a warning when we don’t have any in stock regardless of what is on purchase?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kulla,

Thank you for this post! That out of stock warning was driving me batty. Keep up the good work.