Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to view all fields of a record (Zoom on Record)


In the older version i.e. in classic client version of NAV, to view all the fields for the a record you use the function zoom (Ctrl + F8) which will allow us to see all the fields of the record, it is very useful function to see other field values which are not on the form and it is easy to find a particular field  by selecting the first letter of the field.

For example in below fig. 1 by using zoom i can see all the field values of the selected customer record.


Fig 1 : Customer Card Form

You can use the same function even on the subform, for example if you want to view the fields of the sales line on the sales order form then you just need to select the salesline record and use the zoom function. Example Fig. 2


Fig 2 : Sales Order

In the newer version i.e in RTC to achieve the same results we use About this Page function which will allow us to view all the fields, filters and source expressions of a record. It can be accessed from the page as shown in the fig: 3

Help –> About this Page


Fig 3: Customer Card

The shortcut key for About this Page function is (Ctrl + Alt+ F1)

When you are on the document page to view the fields of a subpage you don’t have the option to use Help –>  About this page, so to view all the fields of a subpage record you need to select the line and use the shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + F1).

Example to view fields of a sale line on the Sales Order  Fig 4.


Fig 4: Sales Order Page

I have seen instances where the shortcut Key Ctrl + Alt + F1 does not work, i will explain it in my next blog post how to resolve that issue

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