Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ctrl + Alt + F1 Shortcut Key is not working in RTC to Zoom


As I explained in my last post , the shortcut key (Ctrl + Alt + F1) is used in RTC for About this Page function, which will allow us to view all fields of a record.  This Shortcut Key is very important to view the fields on the subpage as it does not have the Menu option to see Help –> About this Page.

On some computers, this shortcut key does not work and it even happened on my laptop, the reason is because of the conflict of having the same shortcut key on another application. These days most of the computers come with an application called Intel HD Graphics Control Panel or other Intel application to control graphics. This application uses the same shortcut key to open the Display Panel and because of this NAV, RTC shortcut key does not work.

To resolve this, please open the Intel HD Control Panel using Programs and Click Options as shown in Fig 1, it will show you all the Hot Keys for the application


Fig 1: Intel HD Graphics Control Panel

As you can see in Fig 2. to open Display Panel it uses <Ctrl> <Alt> <F1> shortcut and which conflicts with NAV application and causes the shortcut not to function on NAV. On my laptop to resolve this I have disabled the Hot Keys by turning it off and restarted the computer.


In certain cases turning it off did not work so I have to change the Hot Key for Open Display Panel to something else and restart the computer. If disabling does not work try to change the hotkey and restart the computer.

In all the cases where I  have seen this issue the application which caused was Intel HD Graphics, but I believe it depends on upon your computer. If you run this kind of issue please make sure to check with other running application hot keys.

I hope this helps to resolve some of you who are running into the same issue.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suresh,

Just combine WindowsKey, for example, Ctrl+WindowsKey+Alt+F1. You can refer to my blog for detail https://community.dynamics.com/nav/b/4bzsoftwaresnavblog/archive/2014/11/16/nav-windows-client-keyboard-shortcuts

Suresh Kulla said...


Thank you for the input, good to know that we can use WindowsKey as a combination to execute NAV Commands. I have not tried it but will try.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!

Best regards,
Khoa Nguyen

Anonymous said...


Perfect solution . . Thanks