Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New System and Hidden Tables in NAV 2018


The following new system tables are added in NAV 2018


Two new hidden tables are added in NAV 2018


The new hidden table and new feature in NAV 2018 is API’s and when i run this table it listed the following API, in my next post I will see how can we can enable API on NAV 2018 and access one of those using the endpoint


If you have any other tips or suggestions , please do share them in the comments below.



Dave Cintron said...

Hi Suresh - I've been developing in NAV for 20 years now. There is so much new technology in this version. Is there ANY documentation on this or are we expected to pass this secret knowledge on person to person like the illuminati?

Suresh Kulla said...


There is no documentation related to this or some of the technical stuff but there is documentation what is new in NAV 2018.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hello Suresh,

Thank you very much for the Valuable Inputs.

I have been studying Navision, i.e. i was first the End user and from their on Slowly and Gradually became a Functional Consultant with the help of the Educational Qualification.

I've Seen lot of Databases like US, Australia, Canada etc and i might continue doing that in search of options which might help me or my company but the fact is, there are tonnes of things which we do not even possess in Indian Databases.

Just for the Example :
Direct Cancelling the Invoice with just one Click (How big a time saver that is !!) , FD Interest / Loan Interest Calculation etc (It's Done Manually and the Entry is passed by way of JV).

Why are we behind ? As in Indian Databases to bring such things inside, I mean i know for sure that it'll help lot of business if we can bring the same thing in our Versions too.

Please Let me know if i am going in Any wrong Direction.


illuminatiz Elite said...

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