Tuesday, January 17, 2017

You do not have access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV



Most of us must have seen this error when we try to login into NAV, the reason for this error is the user who is logging into NAV does not have access to the database or the user is not setup in NAV RTC.

To fix the above error, you need to setup the user in NAV.  All the steps to create a new user is in the below Url.


In another scenario when you have multiple databases and when the user is trying to login into a database, where the user is already setup as user in one of the database but he gets the above error and NAV client closes when he clicks OK.

Let’s assume we have two databases in this scenario TEST and PRODUCTION.

The user who is trying to login, has access to the TEST database but he does not have access to the PRODUCTION database, so in this case the error is valid since the NAV is trying to login into PRODUCTION database by default. But the real issue is NAV does not provide a way to login into TEST database, as it shuts down when you click OK. 

By default which database to connect is stored in a config file called ClientUserSettings.Config file.

In this case to fix the error ,the user need to update the ClientUserSettings.Config file and change the server and server instance key values to point to the TEST database.

The path for the ClientUserSettings.Config file is

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV

You need to change the below three key values and make sure they point to the TEST Server Instance.

<add key="Server" value="localhost" />
<add key="ServerInstance" value="DynamicsNAV" />
<add key="ServerPort" value="7076" />

Once you change and restart the NAV client it will open it successfully, given that user is setup properly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, My self Ankit Chauhan
I read your blog, but it's working only for 1 day.
After 1 day my config file's code automatically change and i am facing same error.
please suggest...

NGR said...

Hello I have the same issue. The user already exist. It was working well untill Friday and today he has this error message. Any ideas what could be the reason except the two mentioned above.

Thank you!

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jpp said...

I got the exact same error, but was due to an incorrect user stored in Windows Credentials.
Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager - TAB Windows Credentials and Remove the incorrect entry

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